Julia Mavlyanova fashion illustrator Юлия Мавлянова иллюстратор
Fashion Illustrator
As you might have already noticed by the distinct aesthetic, Julia Mavlyanova is a fashion designer and a self-tautgh artist, who specializes in magazine and fashion illustrations. Her depictions of the ever-changing fashion kaleidoscope are spot-on, and in a reliable accordance with what's going on up on the runaway and in the downtown's hotspot. Find more inspiration on Julia's INSTAGRAM.
Or check out the list of great companies she has been working with below. Impressive, isn't it?

Be inspired to inspire others
Julia creates ilustrations for fashion shows, fashion designers and individual customers. Her sophisticated style has provided us with a variety of visually pleasing looks and ideologically varied fashion aesthetics. Besides working at fashion shows and at the commission of designers and individual customers Julia launches online education course in 2017 and is ready to publish her first coloring book dedicated to fashion outfits. Please follow J_MAVLYANOVA for updates.
Julia Mavlyanova fashion illustrator Юлия Мавлянова иллюстратор
" Please do not hesitate to contact me for any kind of collaboration: design, promotional illustrations, prints and workshops. There are a lot of activities I have been engaged in before and will be glad to help you our with any visual media. You can always find me on PPH site (see the link below). Wait no more to see the GALLERY. "
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Feel free to contact me for commissions, workshops and e-course requests.
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